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Welcome to Top Scorer, a powerful theme we designed so you can create an amazing website dedicated to just about any type of sport out there.

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All Your Site Needs

Powerful Sports Layouts

We made sure Top Scorer already has all the templates your new sports website is going to need. All that’s left is to input your content.

Individual player presentations are sure to look amazing on your new website.

This neat layout lets you display all the upcoming matches with ticket & stream links.

A great straightforward template ideal for presenting match results and standings.

Tell your team’s story using a roadmap layout with dates, feature trophies & more.

Create detailed single team showcases, include league standings, players & matches.

A practical template perfect for allowing users to purchase their tickets and passes.

Present your team with this template. Feature your upcoming match and more.

Use this great layout to showcase your roster, feature star players and sponsors.

You also get a fantastic element for announcing upcoming matches on your site.

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Practical Premade Templates

Awesome Inner Pages

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